Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Maintenance ~ What Beginners Need to Know

If you are moving to the country, chances are that you will have to deal with owning a septic system. This means that you will also have to manage septic tank maintenance. Those who have always had homes connected to a sewer system might find this intimidating. Having lived in cities and suburbs for 40+ years, I never had to concern myself with where the waste went. When I moved to an unincorporated area, I learned quickly. … Read more

septic tank cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning ~ Costs and When to Clean It

The idea that you as a homeowner are now responsible for the management of your own sewage can be a little unsettling. You probably have a hundred questions about living with a septic system, and we have the know-how that you need to make this endeavor a success. The key to uncertainty is education, so read on to have all of your septic tank and septic tank cleaning questions answered. You have picked out the … Read more

septic tank pumping

Septic Tank Pumping ~ What to Know

“How do septic tanks work?” or “How often does my septic tank need pumping?” may be questions that you’re asking if this is the first time you have ever dealt with a septic system.  If you have never lived in the country, the idea of dealing with a septic system may come as a surprise. However, especially in rural areas, septic systems are often more the rule than the exception.  If you have always lived … Read more

types of owls

Whooo is That? 16 Types of Owls Found in North America

Learn about different types of owls. With their unique calls and their nocturnal habits, owls are very fascinating birds. Because they feast on rodents, snakes, and other small creatures, owls are considered apex predators.  Despite the fact that some people find them spooky, their eating habits help keep the population of pesky animals in check. They can be a great asset to your property. Owls are found almost everywhere, and they vary greatly in shape, … Read more

how to keep owls away

How to Keep Owls Away – Tips for Deterring and Getting Rid of an Owl

Owls are majestic and beautiful creatures that many people find fascinating. However, if you have small pets or keep chickens or other vulnerable farm critters, owls can be a threat to your animals. While you may understand that owls are a needed animal in nature’s life cycle, you may not want them around your property.  We explain how to keep owls away from your property. There are many things you can do to deter owls.  … Read more

how to attract owls

How to Attract Owls to Your Property

Learning how to attract owls to your property can make a big difference with controlling rodents. While owls may only be heard at night and not often seen, you can do many things to render your property more attractive to owls. While some may feel their nocturnal hooting is eerie, owls are fascinating animals that can yield great benefits to your farm. The truth is that when many people move to the country to start … Read more

what attracts rats

What Attracts Rats and Mice to Your House and Yard

Learn what attracts mice and rats to your home and yard so you can prevent an infestation. These critters are very destructive. It’s easier and less expensive to keep them away than to get rid of a rat problem. Preventing them through rodent exclusion is essential. Rat exclusion is eliminating opportunities for them to enter your home. This includes sealing up entry points and removing food sources so you aren’t attracting them. Bookmark how to … Read more

leaving the city

Leaving the City for Land, Homesteading and More

If you’ve been considering leaving the city, you’re in good company. While moving out of urban areas isn’t new, in recent months, as people changed routines, it made many people reflect on priorities differently. Many city dwellers moved to the suburbs or the country for land and space. They wanted a greater sense of control and to be able to become more self-reliant. With this came a slower pace, a different lifestyle. While a desire … Read more

How To Get Rid of Rats in House Fast

How to Get Rid of Rats in House Fast

How to get rid of rats in house fast ~ As the weather turns colder, rats can infest your home and cause costly damage. This time of year, they seek warmth, shelter, food, and a source of water. Learn how to get rid of rats before they multiply. You need to keep them out of your house, garage, shed, and areas surrounding your home. If you hear scurrying at night or first thing in the … Read more

water pressure regulator

Water Pressure Regulator – Here’s What to Know

A water pressure regulator controls the pressure of water that comes into the home from the main line. It’s also called a pressure-reducing valve or PRV for short.  Water pressure regulators are installed where the main water line comes into the house, just past the main shutoff valve. It’s a way to safely regulate the pressure of the water you use from faucets, showers, toilets, etc. It will also ensure the proper pressure to run … Read more

best battery powered lawn mower

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower in 2023 ~ Learn the Pros and Cons of 5 Models

The best battery powered lawn mower can help you transition to more efficient yard work. With a cordless mower, you have ease of use. Charge the battery, and your mower will be ready when you need it. Battery operated lawn mowers are eco-friendly and practically maintenance free. They are ideal for small lawns. You can choose a lawn mower with a single battery or dual-battery source to double the charge. There are many different types … Read more

worm farm

Worm Farm – Should You Start One?

Having a worm farm can bring plenty of advantages to your homestead. Not only do they help to eliminate food waste by giving you something to do with your food scraps, but they also produce organic fertilizer. It is a very efficient way to process organic matter, in your garden or on your homestead. We explain the benefits to starting one along with supplies you’ll need to make a homemade work farm. What Is the … Read more

Animal Control Tips

Animal Control Tips ~ How To Make Pests Leave Safely

Animal Control Tips ~ No matter where you live, there’s a chance that, at one point or another, an unwanted pest may end up near or inside of your home. Depending on where you live, there are different pests that can break into your home, but here are some of the most common ones: Mice Squirrels Rats Bats Birds Snakes Racoons Possums Animal Control Tips The list could go on, but these few ones give a … Read more

what size chainsaw do i need

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need | How to Size a Chainsaw

Before using a chainsaw, it’s good to ask, “What size chainsaw do I need?” especially with the many available designs. Unless you’ve owned a chainsaw in the past, it can seem overwhelming to find a right-sized model. You want it to be robust and powerful enough for what you want it it do. At the same time, you want to feel comfortable handling it. Safety is paramount. You’ll need to know the cutting bar is … Read more

best electric chainsaw

Best Electric Chainsaw in 2023 ~ We Compare 5 Chainsaws

With the best electric chainsaw, you’ll be able to cut bushes and tree limbs. You will be able to fell and buck up trees with ease.  By eliminating harmful emissions and offering low-noise operation, they’re a fantastic option for residential neighborhoods. Keep in mind, it’s not safe to use corded, electric chainsaws outdoors when it’s wet. Learn about five of the best electric chainsaws on the market with these reviews. Best Electric Chainsaw  1. Oregon … Read more

how to start a chainsaw

How to Start a Chainsaw – Step-By-Step Guide and Tips

Learning how to start a chainsaw seems simple enough, but it can be challenging when running into problems. Whether you own an electric or gas chainsaw, there are specific steps you need to follow. With the help of our step-by-step instructions, you’ll safely and quickly get to starting a chainsaw. How to start a chainsaw You can use a chainsaw for tree felling, bucking, limbing, pruning, harvesting firewood, and more.  The answer to, “What is … Read more

types of fishing reels

Types of Fishing Reels – Their Differences & Which to Choose

As you become experienced fishing, it’s important to consider the types of fishing reels.   Choosing between different types of fishing reels will depend on the kind of fishing you want to do. It will also depend on other factors, such as the types of fish you want to catch and your skill level. We explain the types of fishing reels and what kind of fishing they’re best suited for so that you know which one … Read more

how to make a fishing rod

How to Make a Fishing Rod – Easy DIYs Anyone Can Do

Learning how to make a fishing rod can help you when you’re in a pinch. Although it won’t be as sturdy as professionally manufactured rods, this DIY project can be an exciting task. Thankfully, there are a few unique ways to repurpose everyday household items for building fishing rods. Here’s what it takes to make your own fishing rods. How to make a fishing rod There are several methods you can follow to make your … Read more

best braided fishing line

Best Braided Fishing Line in 2023 – I Compare 5 Braided Lines

Learn about the best braided fishing line. Whether you are new to fishing or looking to add to your equipment, this will help. The best braided fishing line is known for its strength and resilience, among many other benefits. As such, it can help you catch an assortment of fish. To help with your fishing journey, I’ve reviewed five of the best braided lines to choose from. Use the pros and cons to help you … Read more

5g danerous 5g dangers

5G Dangers: Do Not Burn Down The 5G Cell Tower

5g Dangers – Since the outbreak of Covid 19 there have been many conspiracy theories about its creation, evolution over time, and how it can be transmitted. The most ludicrous of all is that the new 5G network is to blame and that the virus can be transmitted through the 5G signal. Since this fake news hit the internet, almost three months ago, there have been a spate of cell towers being set alight in … Read more