Prairie bluebell egger

Prairie Bluebell Egger ~ Productive Blue Egg Layers

The Prairie Bluebell Egger is a generally active bird capable of incredible egg production. A single hen can lay up to 280 eggs annually. One of the main standout features of this chicken breed is that it lays large powdery blue eggs that are cherished in most markets.  Developed to be excellent foragers and hardy, these birds can be a wonderful addition to any backyard chicken farm interested in raising more than just the typical … Read more

gold star chickens

Gold Star Chickens ~ Everything You Need to Know

Gold Star chickens go by several names. They are typically referred to as the Golden Sex Link, Red Sex Link, or the Gold Star, among many other similar names. This type of chicken is a breed hybrid designed for increased egg production. It has many positive characteristics, chief among them being that its cold hardy. As a chicken keeper, the Gold Star chicken would make a wonderful addition to your backyard flock if you are … Read more

Do Chickens Need a Rooster to Lay Eggs

Do Chickens Need a Rooster to Lay Eggs ~ What to Know About Egg-Laying

Do chickens need a rooster to lay eggs? No, hens do not need a rooster to lay eggs. Chickens without roosters lay unfertilized eggs. If you want to hatch chicks from the eggs, the eggs need to be fertilized. That’s when you need a rooster. While the answer is simple, many other factors come into play. Keeping a rooster adds new factors to consider: the crowing bothering neighbors, having enough hens, and depending on the … Read more

How Cold Can Chickens Tolerate

How Cold Can Chickens Tolerate? How to Keep them Warm in Winter

Technically speaking, chickens are cold-hardy animals that can tolerate temperatures just below freezing. However, just because they are cold-hardy doesn’t mean they don’t get cold. Learning how cold is too cold for chickens will help you learn how to keep your chickens warm in winter. As a chicken owner in an area that sees harsh freezing temperatures during winter, you must learn how to keep your chickens warm through the colder temperatures. In some cases, … Read more

how long do chickens live

How Long Do Chickens Live Naturally ~ What Affects a Chicken’s Lifespan

How long do chickens live? How long do chickens live naturally? Remember, many farmers use them for meat. Which are the best breeds, and what can you do to improve a chicken’s lifespan? These are all questions that any aspiring backyard chicken keeper would reasonably ask themselves and any experts around them. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, there are about 1,600 different breeds of chicken worldwide. Each of these breeds … Read more

blue silkie chicken

Blue Silkie Chicken ~ Fluffy Chickens for Your Homestead

Silkie chickens, like the Blue Silkie chicken, are some of the world’s favorite pet chickens. This is mostly because they are fluffy and adorable. As one of a few chicken breeds with feathers all over their bodies, they are covered in feathers from head to toe. Blue Silkies are sought-after because they have unique blue and lavender feathers. Their feathers are soft, look like fur, and feel like satin or silk. The American Bantam Association … Read more

pine shavings for chickens

Pine Shavings for Chickens ~ Yay or Nay?

Keeping your flock’s health in mind, learn about pine shavings for chickens along with less toxic alternatives. While pine wood shavings do work as chicken coop material for insulation, you may want to consider other options such as sand. The problem with using pine shavings is the abietic acid from pine resin which can damage lung cells in chickens. Chickens are exposed to abietic acid through inhalation. They will also inhale the fine dust from … Read more

Texel sheep with lambs

Texel Sheep ~ Everything You Need to Know

The Texel sheep breed is unlike most other sheep breeds. While some sheep, such as Fat Tail sheep, are bred for their meat but still have a considerable amount of tallow (animal fat) to offer, the Texel breed is specifically bred for meat production. There are quite several Texel sheep varieties available today. These include: Dutch Texel British Texel French Texel While these sheep tend to have some minor differences among them—for example, the British … Read more

Cinnamon Queen Chicken

Cinnamon Queen Chicken ~ Prolific Eggs Layers for Farm

If you are looking for a mighty egg producer, the Cinnamon Queen chicken is one to consider. These chickens have quickly become among the most beloved chicken breeds in the US and across the globe. This is because they are have a friendly demeanor, produce eggs at a younger age than many other standard heritage breeds, and lay large-to-extra-large brown eggs. Backyard chicken keepers find Cinnamon Queen chickens a joy to raise and nurture. Not … Read more

Water Belly in Chickens

Water Belly in Chickens ~ What It Is and What to Do About It

Commonly known as water belly in chickens, Ascites is a condition that presents itself as a swollen abdomen in chickens. While there are many other reasons why chickens might have swollen bellies, Ascites is often the go-to culprit. Learn about water belly in chickens, symptoms to watch out for, and treatment. Water Belly in Chickens What is Ascites in chickens? Ascites is a condition that causes a yellowish-colored fluid to accumulate in the chicken’s peritoneal … Read more

why can't chickens fly

Why Can’t Chickens Fly? What to Know About Their Flying

Why can’t chickens fly? It’s no big surprise that chickens can’t fly very far. If they could, we’d have to keep them in cages like pigeons and train them to find their way back home when they took flight. As is, even a low fence without a roof is enough to keep chickens enclosed and from flying off into the wild. The fences we build protect them from predators in the outside world more than … Read more

mealworms for chickens

Mealworms for Chickens ~ Tasty Treat or Bad Idea?

Are mealworms for chickens a good idea? There have been a lot of theories about raising chickens lately. Everyone is trying to find the best way to bring up the best chicks. It’s a known fact that chickens need nutritious foods to help them grow and perform a host of bodily functions well. With the right supplements, chickens can: Easily fight off infections, keeping them healthier longer Lay strong eggs Grow nice, strong bodies These … Read more

do skunks eat chickens

Do Skunks Eat Chickens ?

Do skunks eat chickens, and if so, what can you do about it? There’s a good chance that whenever you hear the name “skunk,” the first thing that comes to mind is an animal dressed like a cartoon villain capable of producing what is arguably the foulest smell in North America. However, for people raising chickens, skunks are much more than just a respiratory nuisance; they are a deadly chicken predator. While skunks aren’t typically … Read more

What Time of Day Do Chickens Lay Eggs

What Time of Day Do Chickens Lay Eggs

Collecting eggs from backyard chicken coops daily is easy when you know when your hens lay their eggs, but figuring this out can be tricky. Learn what time of day do chickens lay eggs.  Raising hens brings joy and satisfaction, and many people raise them for egg production, meat, and as a hobby. As a reward for your care, hens offer you a steady supply of fresh eggs. You will get a better idea of … Read more

How Long Do Sheep Live

How Long Do Sheep Live and What Affects Sheep Lifespan

Sheep are incredibly cute and productive animals and depending on the breed, can be raised for milk, meat, wool, and more. If you don’t know much about sheep, keep reading to learn how long do sheep live.  Climate can be a big factor in affecting life expectancy. However, with proper care, including nutritious food year round — even when it may be too cold or snowy to graze on pasture — as well as proper … Read more

how many sheep per acre

How Many Sheep Per Acre So You Can Have a Healthy Flock?

Learn how many sheep per acre you can successfully raise. The amount of land at your disposal is a key determinant of the optimal size of your flock. There is an inclination to overestimate your property’s carrying capacity, particularly if you are a small acreage landowner. Farmers are optimists. They will make decisions based on days when their crops are thriving, forgetting the sheep will be there throughout the year. For sheep to thrive, they should … Read more

How Long Can Chickens Go Without Food

How Long Can Chickens Go Without Food

As a responsible backyard chicken caretaker, you do not want your flock to get hungry. You must know how long can chickens go without food, especially if you are leaving for the weekend. Lack of proper nutrition can cause lower egg production, so ensuring your chickens are fed and hydrated will guarantee they stay healthy and produce numerous eggs. There are occasions when your chicken might not have access to food and water. The care … Read more

Kikiriki chickens

Kikiriki Chickens ~ Origin, Behavior, and Breed Information

Kikiriki chickens, also called Malay Serama or Serama chickens, are used mostly for ornamental purposes rather than for their egg or meat production. Their behavior is generally gentle and friendly, making them ideal pets. Hens lay small eggs and will go broody. Kikiriki roosters are less aggressive than other breeds. If you’re interested in learning more about the Kikiriki chicken, the smallest breed in the world, keep reading. We’ll discuss the origin, behavior, characteristics, hatching … Read more

can chickens swim

Can Chickens Swim ~ Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether you want to raise chickens or are just curious, we answer: Can chickens swim. Yes, though their bodies aren’t designed to swim, chickens can swim. Even without waterproof feathers, chickens can swim fearlessly in shallow water for a short period of time, but you should monitor them. Chickens might be the last animal that comes to mind when thinking of water and swimming. However, the swimming skills of these unique farm animals come as … Read more

how to grow lettuce

How to Grow Lettuce the Right Way

Growing lettuce is easy when you know what you are doing. Here I explain how to grow lettuce from seed or regrow from lettuce. It grows quickly and is a cool season crop. See below for my videos about growing leaf lettuce and growing romaine lettuce from seed. Lettuce grows well in growing zones 2 – 11 as long as you plant it at the right time of year. Lettuce doesn’t like extreme temperatures. If … Read more