What I Wish I Knew Before Getting Chickens

What I Wish I Knew Before Getting Chickens ~ 18 Things

Please learn from this list of what I wish I knew before getting chickens. I started with stories about predators wiping out my friends’ chickens. Keeping your chickens safe has to be a priority… even experienced owners make mistakes. I hope by learning what to expect you can decide if getting chickens is right for your situation. There’s lots to love about raising chickens. Each has its own personality, and all in all, it’s a fun … Read more

Things to Consider Before Raising Chickens

9 Things to Consider Before Raising Chickens

Keeping chickens for farm-fresh eggs can be a rewarding and fun experience, but it requires effort. Understanding what to anticipate will help you determine if it’s a fit for you at this time. Chickens aren’t terribly high maintenance but there is work involved. Here are the things to consider before raising chickens. It’s exciting thinking of raising a backyard flock… Getting back to the basics, enjoying fresh eggs, and becoming more sustainable, etc. It all … Read more

Ground vs Raised Beds vs Pots

Ground vs Raised Beds vs Pots ~ Pros and Cons of Each

Here is what to consider when deciding where to plant your garden: in the ground vs raised beds vs pots and containers. Learn the pros and cons of each gardening spot. If you have a backyard, you will have more options than someone gardening in a small apartment. The great news is you don’t need a lot of room to garden! Each method offers advantages and challenges. If you are wondering if you should plant … Read more

beginner gardener FAQs

45 Beginner Gardener FAQs Answered

When you are a new gardener, it’s typical to have lots of questions. Where and what to plant? What type of soil to use? Here I answer beginner gardener FAQs. You will have more success gardening when you plant the right types of plants for your region during the correct season. You also need to use nutrient-rich soil and plenty of sunlight (6 – 8 hours when growing vegetables and fruits).  Use these frequently asked … Read more

Gardening Tips for Beginners

16 Smart Gardening Tips for Beginners When Planting a Vegetable Garden

Before you buy anything or do anything, learn these gardening tips for beginners. I explain exactly what to do. To be successful gardening, it takes more than buying seeds, planting them, and watering them. Where you plant, what and when you plant, and the soil makes a huge difference. Your time, money, and garden “real estate” space are important resources. Garden the right way from the start. It’s easy to garden but it involves more … Read more

how to start a vegetable garden

How to Start a Vegetable Garden for Beginners for SUCCESS the 1ST Time

It’s fun to buy seeds (they are inexpensive!) and to imagine yourself growing lots of vegetables and fruits. But don’t buy anything until you learn which types of plants grow well in your area. Here I explain how to start a vegetable garden for people new to gardening. Read this before you buy anything. There is nothing like the taste and satisfaction of growing your own fruits and vegetables. But it can be costly and … Read more

Sebastopol geese

Sebastopol Geese ~ 6 Reasons to Raise, Breeding, Care, and More

Sebastopol geese are a domesticated, medium-sized breed. They are very social and do well in a flock. Depending on your needs, they may be a good addition to your farm or homestead. Known for their unique, curled feathers — I think they look like a skirt on the geese — they stand out as an elegant option for exhibitions, as pets, and for weed control. They have attributes not typically found in all breeds of … Read more

Sheep names

Sheep Names Galore ~ 777+ Baa-rilliant Names for Your Woolly Flock

Whether you have a few sheep or several in your flock, find the best sheep names with this ultimate list. I’ve included funny sheep names; cute and creative names; pun sheep names; names for lambs, ewes, and rams; names for black, white, and brown sheep; by their purpose; breed type; and more.  Here are hundreds of ideas to look over broken down by category. Choose names that fit your flock’s personalities, appearance, or purpose for … Read more

Camping Corn Bread Dutch Oven

Camping Corn Bread Dutch Oven ~ Easy Cornbread Recipe for Outdoors

Making camping corn bread Dutch oven is easy to make when camping with a group. You can also make it outside at home around a firepit or fire. It relies on using corn bread mixes so it’s quick to prep. Cornbread is simple, moist and dense comfort food.  Dutch ovens, known for even heat distribution, help create cornbread with a crispy, golden crust. A staple in American southern cuisine, you can enjoy cornbread as a … Read more

white cheddar and red onion dip

Easy White Cheddar and Red Onion Dip ~ 4 Ingredients and No Bake

This is an easy 4-ingredient white cheddar and red onion dip lots of my midwestern family and friends make. The other ingredients are mayonnaise and raspberry preserves on top… that’s it! It’s deliciously savory and sweet. Ideal as a no-bake appetizer, this dip is simple to prepare for your next social gathering or casual snack at home. Allow it to chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour, but the longer it sets, the … Read more

largest chicken breeds

Largest Chicken Breeds ~ Biggest, Heaviest, Tallest

The largest chicken breeds command attention with their notable size and stature. Many of these sizeable birds are dual-purpose, prized for both their meat and egg-laying abilities. The Jersey Giant, true to its name, tips the scale at a substantial 15 pounds for the males. Compare that to a medium-sized chicken that weighs 6 – 7 pounds.  The title for the tallest chicken breed is held by the mighty Malay chicken. It stands tall at … Read more

Can you eat roosters

Can You Eat Roosters ~ What to Know About Male Chickens for Meat

It’s common to wonder: Can you eat roosters? Yes, roosters are edible. Roosters are male chickens. Their meat is a bit tougher and stringer than meat from hens but when slow-cooked on low in stews, etc., it’s tasty. Most people who raise chickens prefer raising hens because of their eggs and meat. When flock owners hatch chicks, they usually hope for females. When there are male chicks, it’s decision time: raise them among their flock; … Read more

Naked Neck chickens

Naked Neck Chickens aka Turkens ~ Dual Purpose and Hardy

Naked Neck chickens, also known as Turken or Transylvanian Naked Neck, have gained popularity as a dual-purpose chicken breed. Renowned for their distinctive resemblance to turkeys and their remarkable features, such as a featherless neck, they are valued for their hardiness, efficient feed conversion, and agreeable temperament. As a true dual-purpose breed, Naked Neck chickens excel in both egg production and meat quality, making them a versatile choice for backyard flock owners. They display remarkable … Read more

how to tell if a pomegranate is ripe

How to Tell if a Pomegranate is Ripe ~ 6 Ways to Know

Whether you want to buy pomegranates from the grocery store or pick them from a tree, I explain how to tell if a pomegranate is ripe. I also discuss when to buy them so they will be at their best. When in season, I buy boxes of pomegranates from Costco. They usually come in boxes of nine. They are usually the Wonderful brand of pomegranates. Once, when my son and I were on a pomegranate-kick, … Read more

chicken bedding

Chicken Bedding Options and What’s Best for Your Flock

Chicken bedding is used to manage chicken waste. It helps support a clean, comfortable, and healthy chicken coop. It provides comfort and safety. From providing a cozy nesting spot for your hens to absorbing odors and moisture, poultry bedding plays a crucial role in creating an optimal living area for your feathered flock. Bedding keeps your chickens dry and warm with minimal unpleasant smells and damp conditions. By choosing the right chicken litter, you can … Read more

California White chicken

California White Chicken ~ Quiet Superstars of Backyard Flocks

The California White chicken, robust and resilient, is an ideal choice for first-time chicken owners who want lots of eggs. Ideal for backyards and practical for those residing in urban settings, these friendly, prolific layers are sure to win your heart.   California Whites are a fitting choice if you are looking for a small or medium flock. I say this because with just a few hens, you can enjoy an abundance of eggs. With four … Read more

rosemary companion plants

Rosemary Companion Plants ~ 25+ to Grow and 9 Not to Grow

Here I explain rosemary companion plants. Whether it’s the sage that shares rosemary’s love for sunshine, or beans that enrich the soil, companionship in the garden can support productive plants. By learning what to plant with rosemary and what not to plant, you can maximize the opportunities to help enhance growth, protect plants from pests (including deer),, and create a symbiotic ecosystem in your garden. Keep reading to learn about what grows well with rosemary … Read more

hydroponic herbs

Hydroponic Herbs ~ Best Herbs to Grow and How to Do It

Fast-growing with higher yields, growing hydroponic herbs has many advantages over traditional gardening. You can grow in elaborate hydroponics setups or with a simple hydroponics kit in your kitchen. However big or small you want to go, herbs grow very well with this soilless growth method. Herbs are an excellent choice for hydroponics due to their relatively small size, fast growth rate, and versatility in the kitchen. It’s a great way to begin if you are … Read more

Can chickens eat bananas

Can Chickens Eat Bananas and Banana Peels ~ A Bunch of Helpful Tips

Can chickens eat bananas? Yes, they can. Chickens can also eat banana peels. In moderation, bananas are safe for your flock. Before feeding chickens bananas for the first time, there are a few different things you can do. The first time you give them a banana, you may want to peel it, set the banana down, and see what happens. You can leave it whole or chop it into pieces. It is fun to watch. … Read more

funny duck names

Funny Duck Names ~ 300+ Names That Will Quack You Up

Quack up with a good laugh. This gaggle of funny duck names was plucked from our wildest imaginations. Nothing brightens a day quite like a duck waddling around with a hilariously punny name. We’re all familiar with those classic ducky names like “Donald” or “Daffy,” but what if we ventured further into the pond of creativity? These witty duck names are full of puns and play on words. They relate everything from quacking to feathers … Read more