Merino sheep

Merino Sheep on a Hobby Farm

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Homesteaders raise Merino sheep for their high-quality, soft, fine wool as well as their meat. They are medium-sized and manageable which makes them popular for small-scale farming. With quality pasture, you can raise two Merinos … Read more

Belgian Bearded d'Anver

Belgian Bearded d’Anver

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My friend is raising Belgian Bearded d’Anver chickens and roosters. They are a true bantam breed. This means there are no full-sized counterpart. People raise d’Anvers for exhibition (4H, FAA, etc.) and as ornamental birds. … Read more

types of goats

Types of Goats and Reasons for Raising Them

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There are many types of goats, and each are bred for different purposes. They fall into three primary categories: dairy, meat, and fiber. Dairy breeds like Saanen, Nubian, and Alpine provide substantial amounts of milk. … Read more

beginner gardener FAQs

45 Beginner Gardener FAQs Answered

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When you are a new gardener, it’s typical to have lots of questions. Where and what to plant? What type of soil to use? Here I answer beginner gardener FAQs. You will have more success … Read more