what is a cattle shed

What Is a Cattle Shed?

You’ve probably wondered what a cattle shed is. It provides a separate “loafing” area for cows and helps you control the climate inside the barn. Sheds can protect cows from rain and different diseases by avoiding long periods of exposure to the elements. If you’re not sure what this valuable asset is, read on for some tips on building one. What is a cattle shed used for? A cattle shed isn’t just about protection. Let’s … Read more

Brown Swiss Cattle

Brown Swiss Cattle ~ Pros and Cons to Raising Brown Swiss Cows

The Brown Swiss is a breed of dairy cattle in the United States. Cows produce milk that is high in butterfat. Over the centuries, Brown Swiss cattle have diverged from the original breed in many ways, but their main characteristic remains the same: They produce high quality milk.  If you have been thinking of adding a Brown Swiss cow to your backyard farm for milk or meat, you are in the right place. Here, we … Read more

What Does Clover Do to Cattle

What Does Clover Do to Cattle?

What does clover do to cattle? You may be wondering, can your cow eat clover? If so, how much? Or perhaps you’re wondering, “How much clover can I feed my cow?” Clover is a short-lived herb located in temperate and subtropical areas, particularly in Australia and Southeast Asia. This low-cost crop is ideal for grass pasture and beneficial as it strengthens damaged soil. Here are some tips to keep in mind before feeding cows clover. … Read more

Limousin cattle

Limousin Cattle and Why They Are Ideal to Raise for Beef

Limousin cattle is an ideal breed to raise for meat. About 60% of beef cattle live in the USA. The beef cattle manufacturing industry is more popular than the dairy production sector, but production costs are rising, and mass production has detrimental effects on profit and the environment. Beef producers and small farmers are now moving toward more sustainable breeds, like Limousin cattle. In this post, we take a closer look at why Limousin cattle … Read more

kunekune pigs

Kunekune Pigs Raising Kunekunes on the Homestead

The funny looking pig with a funny sounding name, Kunekune pigs are a great choice for smaller homestead operations. These pigs provide high quality meat in smaller quantities and are easier on the fields because they root less than other breeds. In addition, Kunekune pigs are grazing pigs and need less grain to grow to market weight. You may want to consider Kunekunes if you are interested in raising meat pigs or just starting out … Read more

Berkshire pigs

Berkshire Pigs ~ Heritage Meat Pigs for the Homestead

One of the oldest breeds of swine, black Berkshire pigs go back at least 350 years in history. The quality of the marbled meat that the Berkshire can provide for your homestead is unmatched. If you need a hardy and intelligent pig to provide meat for your homestead operation, the Berkshire may be perfect for your needs. Berkshire Pig Origin Berkshire pigs are native to England. They are named for the area in which they … Read more

nubian goat

Nubian Goat ~ Rich Milk Perfect for Making Cheese

With long, floppy ears, a noble bearing, and inquisitive eyes, the Nubian goat is an adorable mammal. However, this animal has more to offer your homestead than just its cuteness. Nubians are raised for their milk as well as their meat, giving you several revenue possibilities for the homestead when you raise them. There are many reasons that the Nubian goat is the most popular breed of goat in the United States. Nubian Goat History … Read more

Toggenburg goat

Toggenburg Goat ~ Moderate Milk Producers for Homesteads

The oldest known breed of goat, the Toggenburg goat, is generally raised to give milk. A smaller sized goat, these goats are a wonderful choice for the homesteader because they require less feed than some other breeds of dairy goats. You can also use them for meat, but this isn’t their primary purpose. These dairy goats are also very hardy, particularly in cooler climates. If you are interested in a moderately producing milk goat, the … Read more

what do llamas eat

What Do Llamas Eat? Everything to Know and Consider

What do llamas eat? As herbivores, they eat plants, including grasses, forbs, shrubs, tree leaves and fruit. They thrive in pasture settings and are excellent grazers and browsers. A llama diet staple is hay. In addition to plants, hay and other vegetation, llamas eat other foods as well. What you feed llamas will depend on why you are raising them. Learn more about this below. You can supplement llama diets with herbivore pellets, salt and … Read more

Alpine goat

Alpine Goat ~ Milk, Meat, and More for Your Homestead

Smaller than a cow and needing less feed, the Alpine goat is a good homestead choice for those who have small properties and limited means. They give excellent quality and plentiful milk and the males can be used for meat. The Alpine goat is as close to a dual-purpose dairy goat as you can get. These ruminant mammals are heavy milkers and will help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Alpines, especially the wethers, are also … Read more