Goat horns

Goat Horns ~ What to Know about Horned Goats

Goat horns are unique anatomical features that can be beautiful and a bit hazardous, depending on how you plan to care for your goats. Learn why goats have horns, the difference between disbudding and dehorning, the pros and cons of disbudding, and the essential information on handling a goat with horns to ensure you handle them correctly. Do All Goats Have Horns? All goat breeds have horns. This includes the males (bucks and billies) and the … Read more

Hampshire pig and piglets

Hampshire Pig ~ Raising a Meat Source on Your Farm

The Hampshire pig is a breed of pig that was first imported from England. It has been bred and raised in the United States since the 19th century and quickly became one of the country’s most prominent breeds. With a unique appearance and proven durability, the Hampshire has proven itself to be superior to the everyday common hog. Its characteristics speak for themselves. Why Raise Hampshire Pigs? The primary purpose of breeding and raising Hampshire … Read more

Kiko goats

Kiko Goats | Easy Way to Add Meat to Your Farm

Are you looking for a new way to produce meat? Consider raising Kiko goats. While their primary purpose is meat production, you can get some milk from them as well. They are low maintenance and hardy. Keep reading to learn about the Kiko goat and what it takes to raise this breed. Kiko goats The Kiko goat is a crossbreed of goat with a New Zealand origin. The breed name Kiko comes from the Māori … Read more

scottish highland cattle

Scottish Highland Cattle | A Hardy Breed Worth Raising

Raising cattle is on your homestead is a way to earn money and provide for your family. One breed to consider is Scottish Highland cattle.  They are very hardy, easy to train, docile, interesting, adorable, and intelligent. With property and the means to care for them, they can be a good investment and choice for livestock to raise. Scottish Highland Cattle Aptly named, Scottish Highland cows originated from Scotland and were commonly seen in the … Read more

mangalitsa pig

Mangalitsa Pig | Are They the Best Choice for Your Homestead?

Adding a Mangalitsa pig to your homestead can bring plenty of diversity. Not only do they have an incredibly rich history, but you can also use them for a wide assortment of things. Mangalitsa pigs have a unique appearance, fabulous meat, and offer many other impressive benefits. Mangalitsa Pig To get to know this pig breed better, here’s a brief look into its interesting history. Early 19th Century Depending on where you are in the … Read more

homemade dog food

Homemade Dog Food | How to Make Dog Food

Learning about homemade dog food is an exciting experience for pet parents. With personally-sourced ingredients, you can have complete control over your dog’s diet. Homemade dog food can be nutritious and tasty. By knowing how to make dog food, you can know exactly what you are feeding your dog. It can help save money or for the same money, you will have higher-quality ingredients. By learning how to make homemade dog food that is safe, … Read more

difference between sheep and goats

Difference Between Sheep and Goats To Guide Beginners

Knowing the difference between sheep and goats will help you decide which type of livestock to choose for your farm. When choosing between sheep and goats, it’s important to consider the environmental conditions in which they’ll thrive in. This way, it will be easier to care for them, prevent diseases, and more. Do you think you could immediately tell the difference between sheep and goats just by looking at them? Some varieties look similar. With … Read more

what is a wether goat

What Is a Wether Goat ~ Why Add Them to Your Farm

When researching livestock and farm animals, you might hear about wethered goats and how they can be beneficial. Here we explain what is a wether goat.  You may consider goat breeds for milk, meat and breeding. Diversifying with wethered goats might be a great next step to your at-home herd. Read on to learn: What is a wether goat? How do they differ from bucks or normal male goats? What benefits do they bring to … Read more

how long are goats pregnant

How Long are Goats Pregnant ~ Guide to Goat Breeding

The gestation period of some animals is longer than others. Hence, if you’re keeping goats and planning on breeding them, it’s useful to know how long are goats pregnant. Below, we share some important information on goat pregnancies, including answers to goat breeding age, when do goats breed, goat in heat, and how do you know if a goat is pregnant. How Long Are Goats Pregnant? Most goat species have a gestational period of around … Read more

what do bulls eat

What Do Bulls Eat | Bull Feeding 101

If you’re keeping bulls or thinking about it, you may wonder, “What do bulls eat?” However, knowing what a bull eats is one thing and how much to feed it is quite another. You should be aware that bull diets can vary depending on what you’re keeping them for. So, what to feed show bulls may be slightly different from what you should feed steers sent to the market for meat. What Do Bulls Eat? … Read more