Best Farm Animals: How to Populate a Healthy Farm

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If you want a farm, you should look into the best farm animals to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. For many, the idea of owning a collection of different animals can be beneficial for many reasons.

Some want to earn money and profit off of their investment. Others may want to keep them as family pets. Knowing the ins and outs of the different types of farm species you can raise can help you to get started, especially if you have a specific plan in mind for your farm.

From urban farms to rural developments, the options are quite vast when it comes time for you to start shopping for the perfect farm animals for your family. A lot depends on how much property and time you have as well as what your purpose for raising animals is: meat, milk, livestock guardian animal, etc.

What Is the Most Profitable Farm Animal?

First, let’s discuss the most profitable farm animals you’re likely to find around the world, as this is why most people decide to own a farm in the first place.

Whether you intend on raising and selling your animals or want to make the most out of the products they produce, such as eggs, meat, or milk, profiting from your investment is quite beneficial.

You would be surprised to find that many of the most profitable farm animals can also be beneficial to your property in various ways. You can consider raising animals for meat, milk, or eggs.

They can be great companions and even being family-friendly. Some animals, such as cattle, sheep, alpacas, and goats, will help manage your pasture, including eating grasses and weeds.


best farm animals cattle

By far, raising cattle is one of the most profitable types of livestock farming that you will find in North America for several reasons.

Farmers will be able to get a substantial amount of money per animal that they raise. What’s more, cattle can produce both milk and meat over their lifetime.

Also, it’s important to note that they require very little maintenance. This means that you can put less time and money into raising them while still making a substantial profit.

Milk, beef, and cheese are the three products that are available from your cows, which covers a vast market. Also, you don’t need a significant amount of space to raise them, especially if you choose miniature cattle breeds.

This is especially true if you take advantage of rotational grazing on your property. This is ideal for farmers who want to raise their cows organically.

It’s important to note that cattle raised on an organic diet and kept in a well-maintained farm are likely to garner more money for their milk and meat than other types of animals. Mini milking cows


best farm animals chickens

If you look into any farm in your area, they likely have a coop of chickens, if not more, because they produce an incredibly valuable item, eggs.

Eggs are one of the most regularly-used ingredients for preparing many meals, from breakfast scrambles to birthday cakes. This means the demand for fresh farm eggs will continue.

Also, chickens provide incredibly delicious and lean meat that is also in high demand, similar to the beef you would acquire from cattle.

Chickens are small farm animals that are particularly profitable for small farmers, especially if you have minimal space to house animals.

It’s a good idea to consider raising your animals organically, as you are likely to receive far more money for their eggs and meat, primarily if you sell the eggs at a local organic market.

Overall, maintaining chickens requires minimal effort. They will be a fantastic animal to keep on a family-friendly farm to teach your children about how animals provide sustenance for humans.

best farm animals chickens and roosters
You will need to decide if you want to keep a rooster. Some reasons are to protect your flock and to hatch chicks.

Chickens are one of the best farm animals for beginners. Not only are they profitable, but they’re also family-friendly and easy to live with.

The best chicken breeds are a fantastic option for small farms. They don’t take a lot of money to keep on your property, even if you don’t have an existing coop built. Some to consider are:

Even a brood of a few chickens can produce more than enough eggs to feed your entire family and some of your neighbors. You’ll even love that hens can eat a substantial amount of items, from chicken feed to table scraps. This means they won’t cost a lot of money to feed.

There are even suburban homes that have small chicken coops in their backyard because these animals require far less space than what many people would expect. Bantam chickens are ideal. Learn about pros and cons to keeping a rooster, what is required and if it’s right for your situation. 


best farm animals bees

Although bees are technically an insect rather than an animal, they are still an incredibly valuable item to have on your farm, especially if you aren’t afraid of flying insects.

Honey bees are so valuable because they produce precious honey that is used in a wide array of products, from bread spreads to facial scrubs and body lotions.

Also, they are low maintenance farm animals that aren’t too difficult to maintain over the years. This is especially true once you have already set their housing up, and they have established their colony.

You will find that locally sourced honey is one of the most valuable assets that any hobby farm owner can have, especially if you like to frequent local farmer’s markets in your area.

As honey has a ton of benefits, such as being a natural humectant, consumers are always on the hunt for local and natural honey to help with their ailments, such as allergies.

If you’re able to extract and bottle the honey directly on site, you will experience the most significant number of benefits of keeping a bee farm on your property.

What Farm Animal Is Easiest to Take Care Of?

When you first start with owning farm animals, you will want to make sure you choose species that are easy to maintain, especially if you have little to no experience.

Some animals require more maintenance than others in terms of healthcare, living conditions, and the food that they eat. On the other hand, others seem to be specifically designed for beginners.


best farm animals goats

Although many goat breeds have been quite popular since the 1800s, they’ve never been more popular than they are now. This is what helps to make goats some of the most profitable farm animals in the world. They are natural browsers and will forage on grasses and other vegetation. Some goat breeds need less supplemental feed than others and because you will save money, you will have a better ROI.

Whether you live in Europe, Africa, or North America, every continent sees several benefits from having goats on their farm because they produce meat and milk, similar to cattle.

You’ll also appreciate the fat content of goat’s milk, which helps to produce high-quality cheeses and kinds of butter that you will be able to sell. One exception is the Toggenburg goat which products milk low in butterfat. It is good milk for drinking but not for making butter and cheese. However, this is one of several goat breeds you can raise for milk or meat.

Some dairy goat breeds are better for milk than others. Consider the Alpine goat if you want a heavy milker. 

Many groups suggest that goat’s milk, cheese, and butter is far healthier than that of cattle, which is a popular market that you can tap into if you are interested in raising goats for profit. If you can designate your goat products as organic, you are bound to experience an uptake in sales that will only make your animals far more profitable.

Also, many hobby farm owners tend to lease their goats to other farmers as they are ruminants who love being able to eat away hardy vegetation on properties, helping to save costs on renting farming equipment.

With the ability to profit off of your goat’s by-products, and their capability to graze on land so that it can be used more efficiently, there are several ways you can make money off your goats. Some are good as pack animals, such as wether Alpine goats. 

best farm animals goat

There are many different types of goats in the world. Some will require more maintenance than others, which is why you will want to consider breeds such as Boer or Alpine goats.

Choosing goats for your farm

As an animal that is known to have a relatively broad diet, ranging from hay to alfalfa or plants that grow in their pasture, there are many affordable things that you can use to keep your goats healthy and happy.

You’ll also find that many breeds produce an incredible amount of milk. You can use it to make cheeses and different kinds of butter.

Because goats are so adaptable to their climate and changing environments, they don’t need to be kept in the lushest pastures.

Often, they prefer to graze in areas that are hardier than what cattle would prefer to browse in, for example.


best farm animals sheep

As another one of the best farm animals for beginners, sheep are relatively easy to maintain on different sized farms. Similar to goats, there are many different species of sheep to think about before deciding whether you want them or not. Difference between sheep and goats

Some sheep require more maintenance than others. One of the most considerable benefits of this animal is that their milk is often regarded to be superior to goat and cow milk, especially when it comes to making cheese.

Another benefit of owning sheep is that when their wool is sheared, it can be sold along with their milk and meat over time. Some sheep breeds have fat tails. You can cook with the fat from fat tailed sheep which is another benefit when slaughtering the animals.

Some sheep breeds to consider raising:

Also, they don’t require a lot of space, especially if you manage to maintain one to three sheep in the same pasture. Raising sheep on your homestead can provide a good ROI as long as you have the property for it. Learn how many sheep per acre for a healthy flock.

Can Farm Animals Be Pets?

Many hobby farm animals can easily be transitioned into pets, especially if you don’t intend to sell their meat at any time in the future.

You might even find that if you don’t start with the intention of maintaining your animals as pets, they’ll quickly become a part of your family only because you’ll be spending so much time together.

Below, you’ll find all of the top recommendations for farm animals that also double as pets.


best farm animals rabbits

There are many categories that rabbits fall under because they offer several benefits. They are small and can be profitable. They breed quickly. They are friendly and great for keeping your kids entertained on the farm.

These fluffy and adorable animals are easy to take care of. You can guarantee their family-friendly nature will have your children outside more often, helping to maintain your farm.

You’ll also love how social rabbits are. This can allow you to create strong bonds with the animals over a short period. This will help them become an addition to your household quickly.

Even if you are raising rabbits for meat on the farm and then bring them into your home, you can guarantee they will love spending as much time as possible with your family. Learn about raising a Californian rabbit for a meat source.

As long as you keep them entertained, they are unlikely to cause significant damage to any areas of your home.


best farm animals ducks

You may want to consider raising ducks. As a highly intelligent animal that you will love having on your farm, ducks make fantastic pets for anyone of any age.

Not only are duck breeds intelligent, they are also one of the best low maintenance farm animals. Ducks require minimal space to live happily with the others on your farm.

Not to mention, they also love participating in a variety of activities.

If you have the opportunity to raise ducks from their egg, you’ll love how trainable they are and how they will immediately form a bond with you and your family.

People raise ducks for meat as well as eggs. When considering duck eggs vs chicken eggs, many prefer duck eggs for baking.

How to Build a Duck House – Helpful Guide for Beginners

Quail Eggs | Here’s What to Know


best farm animals Alpacas

Even though alpacas aren’t the most relaxed animal to maintain on this list, they are a fantastic addition to your farm. Alpacas have a naturally docile temperament and are very child-friendly in comparison to llamas. Learn more: alpaca vs llama

You’ll find that alpacas are one of the most popular animals in petting zoos. This is because they are very understanding of children and other small farm animals.

The main thing to remember with alpacas is they will require other alpacas to be housed with them to prevent any physical and mental side effects. You should never rear one alpaca alone. You need at least two.

Another advantage of these animals is that they don’t require a lot of space. In fact, they can be kept in a backyard and still feel like they have a considerable amount of space.

However, you’ll want to make sure they have at least 0.40 acres. This will ensure they have enough space to move around freely and feel more comfortable with their environment. Pasture rotation is important when raising grazing animals. Learn what do llamas eat if you want to keep alpacas and llamas together.

Raising alpacas can be profitable if you shear them yearly for their raw fiber. Learn about starting an alpaca farm and what it entails.

Apart from being one of your children’s most valuable friends on the farm, alpacas can also be quite useful for moving heavy loads and acting as a livestock guardian animal for some of the smaller species you may have, such as ducks and chickens.

Best Farm Animals

Many hobby farm animals could be classified as the best farm animals. Whether you’re a veteran farm owner or someone who is just starting, with the help of this guide, you can easily find low maintenance animals.

These are animals that you and your kids will love to spend your time with. They can also help you to make a larger profit off your property.

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