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Modern Homesteading – Rural Living Dreaming of moving to the country?

…Tired of the rat race?

…Wishing for a simpler life?

Hello—and welcome to Rural Living Today.

We are an extended family that dreamed for many years of leaving the urban/suburban life.

Finally the time was right and we found an old homestead farm that we now call home.

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Rural Living

Interested in Modern Homesteading?

Perhaps you too have this dream.

Or maybe you are just tired of the pace of urban/city life or weary of the rat race and looking to see how you and your family could make a change.

Don’t know where to start Homesteading

We can help.

Rural living is entirely different from life in the city or suburb.

It isn’t easy to make the change from an urban perspective to one that is so different.

Through Rural Living Today, we are here to encourage, inform, and educate you on facets of rural farm and ranch living.

We will help you consider the costs and benefits of making the transition of moving to country life—honestly and objectively.

Here is what we can offer you:

Jim at the WoodpileWe’ll share our experiences and those of others to encourage you as you consider a new and different life and the new practical skills that must be developed.

We’ll tell you about our successes and our failures along our journey.

We’ll feature “Getting There” stories and interviews with other individuals and families that have made this transition, hearing about their experiences and getting their valuable insight.

Dreaming of Rural Life

Tips on bringing your dreams of a rural life to fruition.

With over thirty years’ experience in development and construction, he is available to personally help you with the master planning of your land, home, and outbuildings.

We’ll continually generate and share new resources to help all of us along the way.

We always have several things in the works!

I wish you the very best as you start and progress on your journey to a rural and farm lifestyle, and hope to hear how you are doing!

If you have any specific questions about property development or rural building.

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What Is Rural Living Today?

Rural Living Today is a family business created to support and encourage those who would like to make their home in the country, learn more rural self-sufficiency skills, and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We offer property development assistance, blog posts, ebooks, and other products designed for homesteaders, farmers, and gardeners.

Rural Living Today readers include seasoned farmers, new homesteaders, and everyone in between.

The specialties of the Rural Living Today team include rural property selection and development, income-producing projects, and increasing sustainability of the family farm.

Our clan of more than twenty family members spanning three generations participates in various aspects of life on our land in the beautiful northeast corner of Washington State, USA.

We’re learning a lot along the way and want to share with others as we encourage them to follow their dreams of living the rural life.

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